The gentle vinyl cleaning approach

Unlike durable tiled surfaces, vinyl flooring is best cleaned using low pressure techniques. Great results for vinyl flooring can be achieved using only regular sweeping and mopping. When it does come time to get a professional clean and restoration of the surface, we recommend using the correct equipment specifically designed to blast away dirt without actually damaging the floor. We recommend the use of low pressure equipment which will gently lift grime and sanitize the surface. Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration uses mildly acidic cleaning products to cut through the grime on your floor without leaving any trace of soapy residue. The result is a glistening and clean surface that will make your weekly cleaning routine a breeze.


Unique problems for vinyl floors

While spills and stains are fairly straight forward to remove, vinyl flooring can be susceptible to scuff marks from shoes or moving furniture around. When shifting your furniture around, always place protective materials beneath to protect both your furniture and the floor. Vinyl is also quite soft for a hard floor covering, and can be indented under heavy furniture. Talk to us about how we can keep your vinyl flooring looking its best for longer.

Resealing for your vinyl floor

Over time, the original lustre on your floor surface might begin to fade. With constant foot traffic, as well as the application of cleaning products, the seal can begin to deteriorate and lose its gloss. The good news is that this issue is easily fixed. We can apply a fresh coat of sealer to your vinyl floor to keep it protected and give it back its shine. Whatever the condition of your vinyl floor, Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration have the skilled specialists on hand to apply appropriate techniques and chemicals.

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