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Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration is the first choice to turn to for exceptional tile and hard surface floor cleaning services. Tiles are first applied with a pre-treatment solution which helps to lift deep-seated grime from the pores of the tiles. We then restore your flooring to its former glory using the impressive ‘Hydroforce’ system. This machine simultaneously dispenses a high pressure jet of heated cleaning solution and vacuums away the moisture and dirt. It effectively blasts away the last traces of grime trapped in grout and scrubs the surface of tiles to leave a sparkling finish that lasts. Your floor is then dried to ensure no water marks are left behind.

Tile and grout cleaning Adelaide

Meticulous tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide for your wet areas

Floor tiles in the kitchen or bathroom are typically cleaned by owners using a broom and mop as part of the weekly cleaning routine. While this will remove the majority of the dirt and fibers that have fallen on the floor, it will not be thorough enough to fully eliminate more embedded grime and mould. Sweeping and mopping skims over your floor surface, so the grooves between tiles provide the perfect hiding spot for dirt to become trapped. It doesn’t take long for the once-white grout to turn an unattractive shade of brown. What’s more, stubborn spots and stains often prove too resilient for mopping alone.

Tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide not only leaves your entire floor looking brighter and cleaner, but it successfully lifts these tough stains and discolourations. The bathroom and laundry are common areas of mould build up due to the constant presence of moisture. The kitchen is also a cause for concern, as this is where your food is prepared and so it is very important to keep the area as sanitized as possible. Not all of the bacteria and dirt situated in your kitchen is visible to the naked eye. The next time you are spring cleaning, ensure you arrange a professional tile cleaning Adelaide to leave your kitchen looking new and fresh.

Are you searching for outdoor tile cleaning in Adelaide?

Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration can work across all forms of tiling, including paving, driveways and pool coping. The value of your outdoor landscaping depends very much of the condition of your hard surfaces. Without regular cleaning, outdoor areas can quickly deteriorate. Being exposed to the elements can introduce all sorts of threats to your flooring, from rain and hail to excessive dust and dirt. When these factors combine over time, they can penetrate the pores of the surface and cause erosion. Leave your outdoor tiles looking spectacular after a visit from our capable cleaning professionals.

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