Mattress cleaning is well overdue for most of us

Complete Carpet & Tile Cleaning offers in-depth mattress cleaning services to deliver a fresh and revitalized mattress. Did you know that on average we spend a third of our lives in bed? Many people sleep on the same mattress for five or even ten years. If you have never cleaned your mattress, then you could be sleeping on a surface which has had years of bodily contact without being cleaned. We would be horrified to sleep in a bed with sheets that haven’t been cleaned in months, yet few people realise that it’s just as unhygienic to sleep on an unclean mattress.


The hidden surprises in your mattress

When you think of the dirtiest place in your home, you might immediately think of the bathroom or kitchen bin. In many homes, the mattress is actually the preferred breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms. Just because your mattress might look clean, doesn’t mean that it’s as hygienic as first assumed. Dust mites, dead skin and sweat are just some of the substances that have made their way into your mattress over the years, and without an occasional clean, they are left to cause all sorts of problems. Dust mites can cause skin irritation and be an endless problem for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It is also possible to develop an allergy where there wasn’t one before in the constant presence of dust.

The affordable alternative

New mattresses can be very costly and so for this reason many of us don’t even consider buying a new mattress for years on end. The reality is that a clean can be just as good as a new mattress in terms of removing dirt, dust and other substances and at a fraction of the cost. In fact, most mattresses can be professionally treated, disinfected and cleaned for under $100. Chat to us or refer to our price list for further details. We can be reached on 0428 025 079 for all of your questions about mattress cleaning answered.

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