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Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration is the expert carpet cleaning  professional in Adelaide. The name of our business says it all. We offer a complete approach to carpet cleaning, meaning we perform a series of steps to ensure your carpets receive the most thorough clean possible. The result is consistently delivering plush, fresh carpet that looks and feels like new to our impressed clients. After many years in the industry services offering carpet cleaning  & cleaners, we know full well that it pays to invest in ongoing cleaning to maintain your carpets. The most obvious is that when performed well, professional carpet cleaning can imitate the effects of installing new carpet. Furthermore, carpet cleaning removes pet hairs, dust and other allergens and may be something of a necessity for hay fever sufferers, asthmatics and people with allergies.

A tailored carpet cleaning service in Adelaide

We adhere to the standards put in place by the IICRC when we take on any new carpet cleaning  assignment in Adelaide. Before commencing any work we insist on completing a thorough inspection of the damage to determine the best approach to cleaning. Pre-vacuuming lifts loose dirt so that we can attack the more ingrained grime. Spots and localized stains usually require special pre-treatment chemical application to ensure they are fully lifted during the cleaning and conditioning stages. We are well-versed in everything from stubborn red wine stains to general yellowing and discolouration. High traffic areas such as hallways also tend to suffer premature soiling and wear so these are pre-treated with chemicals to ensure they can bounce back to their former glory.

Our detailed Adelaide carpet cleaning procedures

Pre-vacuuming has lifted some of the loose dirt but this can be further aided by a pre-agitation treatment, which shifts the carpet fibers and allows further dry soil removal. Next comes soil suspension, where pre-conditioning agents or chemicals are applied in conjunction with heat to speed up the cleaning reaction. This treatment is then dispersed throughout the fibers of the carpet and left to react. Once this reaction is complete, the soil extraction can take place. We favour hot water extraction for its superior results, both aesthetically and in terms of health. Neutralizers are applied to balance the pH according to your carpet manufacturer’s instructions. Then comes the grooming stage. This involves separating the fibers of the carpet as they dry to prevent matting and pile distortion. Last but certainly not least is the drying phase. Carpet that is damp can get dirty again very quickly. It can also breed bacteria, mould and odours. For this reason, the drying phase is perhaps one of the most important to get right. Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration will ensure your carpet is dry in four hours for best result and minimal inconvenience. We only leave a property when we are convinced that we have completed the clean to the best industry standard.

We have extensive experience across a number of specialized carpet cleaning procedures, from dry cleaning and steam cleaning, to tackling water and flood damage. If you would like to discuss your carpet cleaning needs, please give Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration a call on 0428 025 079.

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