Delicate rug and upholstery cleaning techniques in Adelaide

Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration can handle the most sensitive cleaning and restoration jobs. If you have a valuable rug which requires cleaning, then it is understandable that you might be hesitant to hand it over to just anyone. We are able to handle precious rugs with the care they deserve and apply gentle cleaning techniques to achieve the desired outcome. With particularly sensitive materials, we begin with a very mild clean and slowly apply more pressure and moisture to remove soiling without harming the fibers. Some people resort to beating their rugs to rid them of dust and dirt. If the rug fibers are old or delicate, then this activity could actually do serious damage to your piece. If you are unsure of how to best treat your rug, then do yourself a favour and leave it with the professionals. Contact Complete Carpet & Tile Restoration for all of your sensitive rug and upholstery work in Adelaide.

Versatile techniques for any rug and upholstery cleaning jobs in Adelaide

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made from a range of materials. Perhaps most popular are pile rugs which can be woven using wool, viscose or cotton for example. These resemble carpet and feature a plush surface. Another rug that is growing in popularity is the woven rug, which is characterized by a rougher and flatter surface. Middle eastern designs such as kilims look spectacular in modern homes, and require special attention when they are cleaned so as not to damage the delicate warp and weft weaving. Persian rugs are another specialty of ours. These valuable rugs can be passed down through the family through generation to generation, so you want to make sure that you take the best possible care of your heirloom for future generations. You will also want to rely on a proven specialist who will treat your rug with the care and skill that it deserves.

Keep your flooring fabulous with rug and upholstery cleaning in Adelaide

Rugs can help to protect the carpet or flooring beneath them because they bear the full brunt of the foot traffic. Unfortunately this means that they also require more regular washing or cleaning in order to maintain their condition. Our thorough rug and upholstery cleaning methods in Adelaide will ensure that even after years of being walked over, you rug will look refreshed and brighter. We can also do wonders for rugs that have had heavy furniture digging into them for extended periods of time. Call us today on 0428 025 079 to chat about how we can best clean your rugs.

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